It’s simple, easy to use and install, and all in one automation ecosystem.

U-WIGO is the solution for a wireless automation without engineers or reforms in your home.
By Automation we mean that you will be able to control all your home devices through a single application U-WIGO CONNECT APP from your smartphone.
U-WIGO & U-NIV3RS3 is the automation ecosystem we have created for home owners, where every smart and non-smart home devices can be control.


With regular Automation System comes lots of cables and wires, with U-WIGO won’t come with a bundle of loose wires. It will automate your home without cables and complicated engineering work.
Anyone can simply manage all their U-NIV3RS3 devices with the help of U-WIGO Connect app that will establish wireless communication between the IoT devices, RF, IR and connect everything with one single app.

U-WIGO is your best ally if you want your kids to create a good habit.

By automating your spaces you are going to be able to control all the devices of his room, like the TV, the Air Conditioner, blinds, Lights, etc…

When you switch everything off through your U-WIGO Connect App your kids will know that is time to go to bed, will get use to sleep at a certain hour, having better rest and doing better in their daily activities.

It’s simple, easy to use and install, and all in one automation ecosystem.

With U-WIGO ecosystem every home owners can experience a customizable automation at their own pace with smart HUB U-WIGO.

You have the control, you can choose either to use U-BLINDS to opening curtains automatically in the morning, U-OUTLETS to turn on/off your ligths from your mobile phone and more widgets to control regular home appliances.