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“In the course of our life we invest half of it, working to pay our home, which is the dream of all, and what is perhaps the most valuable asset that we manage to have and we all want, we take between 10 to 40 years to pay for it; however we lack luxuries in it, unless you belong to a select group of people who can achieve such things as having a smart home paying thousands or millions of dollars, and it is clear that even for them to achieve a home automation or a smart home is expensive and tedious; you have to see how they wire ALL your house, hire specialized personnel, have a special room for the racks and at the end they give you an app on your Smartphone, or a Tablet connected to the Wi-Fi of your home where you still take care of everything even the expensive maintenance, and it turns out that you paid between 20K and 100K for this, do you think it’s fair?”
“In L&A ELECTRONIC we did not think it was fair, and we put all our effort, money and intelligence in developing U-WIGO (UNIVERSAL WIFI GO), the first Intelligent Wi-Fi brain, with Control functions, for all your zones or areas, we compressed to its maximum expression all the existing radio and infrared signals, and connected them to an intelligent micro, we added more than 500K codes of all brands and devices available in the world, and we gave it a BL and Wi-Fi Chip, to connect to your home. We developed an intuitive software, able to help you make an easy and friendly configuration, without the need of specialists, engineers, wires, and most importantly at a really affordable price for everyone; so affordable that anyone can start automating their room, their 1,2,3-bedroom house or their mansion. U-WIGO is so easy to install or configure that my 7-year-old daughter does it, so if we live in 2021 and we are sending rockets to space daily, if we want to get to mars, and if we have cars that drive themselves, that is, having all this technology, why not have it in our home? if it is our most precious asset? I invite you to see for yourself what our U-WIGO and U-NIV3RS3 devices do, I know you will love it.”