U-WIGO and the U-NIV3RS3 ecosystem is a versatile automation system that provides advanced technology and affordable that works perfectly for every business type.
With his special features like multiple signals connections, compatibility with voice control assistants GOOGLE and/or Alexa, more than 500k devices on our library and a friendly user installation allow business owners from one single App can customize their working space.

Get to Optimize working hours by remotely turning on the AC, lights on or creating scenes that will automatically set the space ready for you and your coworkers to start a productive day.
Controlling the connected devices so energy consumption is in sync with your business needs.


We offer a wide range of widgets in our U-NIV3RS3 line that work in armony with our U-WIGO and U-WIGO + to provide the perfect solution to comply with your specific needs.

Our suggested KIT FOR OFFICES is the most requested from our consumers in this industry.


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