For Hotel or AirBnb owners, this automation system is a plus for their hotels, by giving more comfort and style to their hotels, same as an administrative advantage, since it can send a temporary access code to the guests who are using their services, all from their cell phone, as well as it can monitor the energy consumption.
By making your hotel fully automated with our U-WIGO and your U-NIV3RS3 you can offer an extra layer of convenience for your guests and eventually increase your revenue; since with U-WIGO you can generate your own database and send promotions to your clients in the future, guaranteeing an increase in your sales.

We know that you are always thinking about improving your services and making your customers happy, usually most of them are very busy people with too many things on their minds to think about simple tasks, like turning off the lights or closing the door, turning on the air or the TV; that’s why this ecosystem is for you and for them.
You’ll provide them with a unique experience by giving them the opportunity to control their entire environment for their own comfort, whether it’s from their cell phone using the U-WIGO Connect App from anywhere at any time or through voice commands using Alexa or Google Home, adjusting the temperature and lights before entering the hotel room, scheduling a relaxing evening with the scenes after a long day’s work, with U-WIGO and its U-NIV3RS3, your guests will feel like home and will always come back.


We offer a wide range of widgets in our U-NIV3RS3 line that work in armony with our U-WIGO and U-WIGO + to provide the perfect solution to comply with your specific needs.

Our suggested KIT FOR HOTELS is the best seller and more requested for our consumers in this industry.




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