We know that the management of a university or school requires a lot of work to supervise each classroom, conference room or auditorium, so U-WIGO and the U-NIV3RS3 can be your best ally, so you have an easier way to control all your devices and stop worrying about all the different equipment you need to program to work perfectly.
With this automation system you will be able to set scenes at certain hours for your ACs, lights, control your audio-visual devices or any other device that supports your activities.

Give your classrooms the new standard of automation and let your teachers and staff members control their space while they teach. U-WIGO has everything you need to encourage students to learn and come up with ideas in a better way, with more efficient time control, set up scenes and everything will be ready in the moment you require to start classes, wasting zero time.


We offer a wide range of widgets in our U-NIV3RS3 line that work in armony with our U-WIGO and U-WIGO + to provide the perfect solution to comply with your specific needs.

Our suggested KIT FOR UNIVERSITIES & SCHOOLS is the best seller and more requested for our consumers in this industry.




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