We have created our system, so that patients feel like they are in a luxury hotel because of the benefits of automation by having this incredible and intelligent Hub includind the complete Ecosystem in your clinic, giving your patients and colleagues the comfort they need.
Automate your spaces, with U-WIGO you can dim the lights, control your temperature, TV, cable, etc…
You can also provide temporary access to individual rooms for your patients while they are in your clinic/health center.

Well-being and comfort are one of the most important aspects of recovering from any health situation. Therefore, the space and support that a health center or clinic can provide is welcome. Your patients can concentrate on healing without having to deal with simple tasks (turning on the lights, changing the temperature, asking for help, among others, simply using their voice) that can be either uncomfortable or very difficult depending on their health situation.
Clinic staff can FOCUS on providing their complete care to patients knowing that they can CONTROL THEIR ENVIRONMENT with the U-WIGO Connect App.


We offer a wide range of widgets in our U-NIV3RS3 line that work in armony with our U-WIGO and U-WIGO + to provide the perfect solution to comply with your specific needs.

Our suggested KIT FOR HEALTH CARE CENTERS is the best seller and more requested for our consumers in this industry.


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